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Stablecoin Yield

The Toros Stablecoin Yield vault hunts for the best safe USD yields to hedge inflation. This vault automatically farms incentives from Polygon based stablecoin yield farms.
It’s a true aggregator; once a better stable strategy is found, the vault switches to it to maximize yield. Later, it will also expand to spread risk across multiple strategies at once.
Stablecoin Yield Farming History
Every time the pool stakes more tokens, it automatically harvests the rewards and rebalances the newly acquired stablecoins to restore equal weighting. After ensuring equal weighting, the pool then provides those assets as liquidity and restakes.
Upon depositing into dUSD, the algorithm ensures the deposited assets are properly rebalanced so they can be supplied as liquidity and staked.
dUSD is designed in a way so that investors have an auto-compounding stablecoin instrument that optimizes for the best yield without having to continuously manage the position themselves.