Flat Money Airdrop



As a participant in the Toros Flat Money Early Depositor Vault, you can commit USDC to earn Flat Money (UNIT) yield ahead of the Flat Money launch on Base mainnet.

The Early Depositor Vault will have $5M maximum capacity. Once deposits reach $5M, or the countdown is reached, no further deposits will be accepted.

When the Flat Money protocol launches, the USDC in the vault will be swapped for rETH and used to mint UNIT, which will be held in the Early Depositors Vault.

If you withdraw from the vault before the Flat Money launch, you will forfeit all of the FMP you have earned.If you choose to withdraw from the vault after launch, you will be withdrawing both your UNIT and your FMP. As a reminder, FMP vests over a one-year period.

Any withdrawals before your FMP is fully vested will be taxed according to the terms outlined in the Flat Money Points section of Flat Money’s documentation.Find out more about Flat Money.

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